Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Revolt

I have been very good about focusing Christmas knitting and 2 for 1 vow.  Four fingerless mitts completed (except for the weaving ends) and one coffee mug cozy nearly completed. So it was only predictable that such focus and monogamy would result in a rebellion.  
This isn't Christmas knitting, and it is not nearly finished, so isn't rushing to be a finished object for the 2 for 1 vow. It is actually the least completed of all of the works in progress. And yet, this is what I have been working on for the past week. 

Today, it is all about being a rebel. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Unworthy knits

Two project nearing completion.  So close . . .

Seafoam Stripes is down to the last half skein.  The last few inches.  Which has me thinking more and more what to do with it, when I am finished.   I started this shawl years ago, before I learned how to knit lace.  The design is very simple, but not in a classic sense.  Just boring.  And I am not even all that wild about the color anymore.

I may keep it for a while, to decide for certain, but I am leaning towards donating it.

I want me knitting to be something that warms my heart, as well as my body.  When I wear something I have made, I want it to make me walk a little taller, and feel like a compliment of it is honest, not just polite.  A couple weeks ago, I wore Aurora Borealis to the theatre.  A woman in the parking garage complimented me, and asked where I had bought it, or if someone had made it for me.  You can imagine my pride when I said that I had knitted it myself.  And I believe her.

I don't think Seafoam Strips will make me feel the same.  I don't think I love it, so I don't think I will wear it like it deserves to be worn.  But someone out there may fall in love with it, and I feel like the best thing would be to release the shawl, for someone else to find.   

Btw, I almost wore Fuchsia Wave to the theatre, but it was too scratchy on my bare arms.  How did I not notice that with the knitting?  Are my fingers less sensitive than my arms?

Today, it is all about the release. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanks, mom.

Just when I thought I was progressing nicely on Christmas knitting, my mother stepped in. 

 She sent a mug home with my darling Doodlebug, to remind me that I had promised to knit several mug cozies for exchange gifts. That was months ago! How could she possibly remember that in April she and I saw a cute sweater-type cozy for a mug, and I volunteered to make a few? We will leave the question of why I would volunteer to go this for another day. 

Today, it is all about the volunteer's remorse.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014


The Christmas presents are professing nicely. The first week, and the first mitt is over halfway finished. 
I estimate I have ten to twelve weeks in total to complete four mitts. So. . . That is three weeks each. 

Plenty of time to allow for screw up, digressions and my general knitting ADD.

Today, it is all about the deadlines.  

Friday, October 3, 2014


I decide that the gift vow had a firm deadline: the last day of School before Christmas. No one will know or care  if  the 2 for. 1 vow is a bit delayed.
So I have started the first of two sets of fingerless mitts. Two boys. Two teachers. Four fingerless mitts. 

Today, it is all about the early planning. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

The choice between two vows

I am holding true to the 2 for 1 vow.   I have mostly been concentrating on Seafoam Stripes, with a little of the hunting mittens thrown in when something more portable is desired. Seafoam Stripes is down to the last half skein. The shawl is around five feet long, but I have learned from the mistakes of shawls past. I am knitting til I run out of run OR six feet. There will not be another nine foot shawl in my future. Though, Theresa has maintained her magnanimous offer to take any shawls that are sized for a much taller woman.

I also have been remembering my vow not to procrastinate on the holiday gifts, and start no later than  October 1st.

Except that the day after tomorrow, unless I can magically finish something, I am about to see my two vows collide. Do I start the gifts, or wait until I finish something, anything.

Today, it is all about the conflicts.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Another one, that doesn't count

I finished another knit in progress, but it doesn't really count.  It was a placemat, which is really one of a set.  So I have permission to start the next placemat, but doesn't count towards the 2 for 1 vow.

It is already the end of September, and this year, I am not forgetting about the teacher gift knitting until a week before school ends, like last year. I really wanted to start the teacher gift by October. That is next week.  I need to finish something else by next week.  

This vow has had an interesting side effect.  Usually, I am more likely to work on the more recent projects, the ones with recent excitement and enthusiasm.  The older a project is, the more likely I am to feel like it is a chore.  But since older projects are more likely to be closer to completion, I have been digging to the bottom of the knitting bag lately.  In doing so, I have been re-discovering some love for these. 

Yes, Seafoam Stripes was started years before I learned how to make lace. But it is still a shawl. Still a pretty color. Simple in design, but still lovely. Not as striking as the later attempts, but still a warm  and snuggly shawl.  

Today, it is all about the snugglyness.