Friday, July 25, 2014

Can't measure THAT in public

This halter top is challenging me in new ways of trying on as I go. I literally have to go topless to make sure that all the lines and edges cover what they should. So far, it shows a wee bit more upper chest than expected, but not so much that I will be mistaken for Mylie Cyrus.

I am loving the pattern, but I am already thinking about changes to make for a second time.  Maybe I should finish the first one first.  .  .  The number of neglected WIP's is shocking enough, without adding sequels.

So, I have finished the front of the bodice, and starting wrapping around the sides to the back. One side nearly completed, so I have started in on the other side, to keep them roughly equal, til they meet at the back.

Today, it is all about meeting in the middle.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Blog, and ye shall find

Cancel the milk cartons. I found my missing postie note. Just when I was going to have to start winging it, there it was, on my desk, among the boring work-related postie notes.


So I am safely back on track with my halter top. I have placed the marker for the strap, and will be doing the decreases.

So far the two pieces are identical. The size seems right, but it have long since learned not to let knitting lead me down that particular path of possible delusion.

Today, it is all about the search.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Memory test

Has anyone seen a stray postie note? Perhaps one with some notes on it about a knitted bodice? I took careful notes while I was knitting on Monday at Knittervention.  I knew that I had to make the mirror image exactly. All details on two little postie notes on the pattern.

Except now, one of the postie notes is missing. The one from the second half. The one that had any and all modifications to the pattern.

Now I am going to have to trust my memory.

I am doomed!

Today, it is all about missing notes.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ignore me while I shape

I was working on the Skimpy Halter Top at Knittervention last night. It is a good thing 9 Irish Brothers lets us reserve a private room in the back. Every few rows, I would check the knitting for proper shaping. And by that I mean that I held it up, pressed it tightly to my chest, and studied the girls and their knitting cover intently.

  I finished the right side, and started the left. Actually, the pattern instructed to knit the whole side around to the middle of the back. But I thought that the best way to ensure that both sides of the, um, front were identical, was to knit them in quick succession.

There is nothing worse than a lopsided bodice.

Tonight, it is all about the symmetry.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Something used, something new

The pretty cotton tank has started again, in different incarnation. A new pattern, slightly more skimpy, which translates to less yarn. And top down, so I can knit til I run out of yarn, and hope that I have enough to cover the motherhood belly wrinkles.

So far, after a whole day of knitting, I am loving The Ribbed Halter. I am implementing the modifications suggested by Svetlana, to make the design a bit more modest. I mean, I am a forty-something mother of two. The twins had a job to do, and sacrificed their perkiness in the process. They have earned the right for a bit more coverage than decades past.

I am going to be closely monitoring the shaping as I go. Every few rows, I am holding the knitting up to my body. I feel like there is no margin for error this time, in size, shape or support.

I am using something used to start my something new. Last year, at my LYS garage sale, I bought some bamboo circular needles. I have always used metal needles. I like the cool feel, the metallic clickety click, the slick-ness, and the durability. I used to to have a tight grip while knitting, and I was always concerned about snapping needles.

So far, after the afore-mentioned one day of knitting, I am liking the bamboo.  Size 5's are thick enough to avoid snapping, and this particular yarn prefers the slight drag on the needles. So that was $2 we'll spent, but now I want more bamboo, in more sizes. Sigh.

My sweetie asked me tonight why I was starting new things, when I have so many old things unfinished. Um . . . Like his mittens, in progress for two years. And his sweater, in progress for five years. Um . . .

I don't have too many projects. I don't have enough knitting time.  (She says, purposefully ignoring that she has started three new projects in the past month.

Today, it is all about the old and the new.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Twilight Hours

I joke that I have all the spare time I need: between 9pm and 5 am.  But you see the flaw in my plan: that is when I do laundry.

There are days when I grab my knitting bag, set it down next to me,  but never take it out. Too tired to knit.

These days, I do the same with my work bag.  After I put the kids to sleep, I pull out my work bag, with the laptop and files that I didn't get to today. Or yesterday. I look at the bag.  I know what is in there. I know it is work I should have done a few days ago.  But I am just too tired. Too tired to knit.  Too tired to work. Too tired to think.

This does not bode well.  It makes me cranky.

The most I did knitting-related tonight was to cruise on Ravelry. I am looking for alternative patterns for the tank top. There is no way there is going to be enough yarn. I need a top-down knit 'till you run out of yarn kind of pattern. I have a few ideas, and some front runners,  but no conclusions.

Today, it is all about the neglected work/knitting bags.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Contingency Plan

I am very concerned about the yarn for the tank top. I have four balls of  Grass.  I received those balls in a yarn exchange, so there is no hope of finding more.  I mean, really, the emergency yarn from Poland was a once in a lifetime fluke.

So I have started knitting the Shapely Tank, but even as I cast on, I don't think that I will have enough yarn. At least, I won't have to knit all of it, only to come up short with only a few inches to go. Again. Four balls, two sides. If I haven't completed the front with two balls, all hope is lost.

I am so pessimistic, I already have a contingency plan. 2 and 1/2 inches, and I have a back-up plan. Still a tank top, just a little skimpier. And knit the bra portion first, then the body top down, in the round. I can knit until I run out of yarn.

Today, it is all about Plan B.