Tuesday, May 23, 2017

If There Was Ever Any Doubt

My knitting group is named Knittervention. "Because yarn is cheaper than therapy."  If I ever doubted the truth of those words, it was put to rest last night. I was a little tired, and a tightly wound pile of stress, but  it was the alternate Monday, and I didn't want to miss knitting.

I might be minimizing the tightly wound stress part. I was incredibly frazzled, distracted, one bad email away from causing bodily harm to someone. For days now, every time I did something at the office, it added three more things of the list to do. Also, the Courts have been slowly transitioning to electronic format. It started with receiving the court orders by email for civil cases.  Every day in the wee hours of the morning, I would receive a few emails from the automated system. That was manageable. Then a couple weeks ago, the juvenile court (where I have 75% of my cases) started doing the same thing, but in real time. Every sat, ten to fifteen court orders arrived throughout the day.

 The final step last week was the requirement of e-filing.  Instead of delivering motions to the court and physically stamping each document, everything is scanned and filed online as a PDF. I am sure I will like the concept eventually, right now, there is a steep learning curve. I have to learn to scan things, which requires getting my scanner/printer to be on speaking terms with my desktop. They had a falling out a couple months ago, and have only been grudgingly communicating through wifi as a mediator. I finally figured out how to scan, but now I don't know if can remember how to do it next time.

So, that was my mindset when I arrived last night. Two hours of lace knitting and pleasant conversation later, I felt more calm  and focused. I don't know why everyone doesn't knit. I know many other attorneys that would benefit from regular exposure to soft fibers.

Today's it is all about reaffirming the therapeutic value of fiber.

Friday, May 5, 2017


One of the yarns I bought last weekend was a half finished project.  A sweater, by the looks of it, neglected and unloved, with a couple other random balls of the same yarn.  I used this same yarn in my first attempt at lace.  Yarn this pretty doesn't deserve to languish half-finished, for all eternity. 
So I set about to reclaiming the yarn. 
I ripped out the sweater pieces.
I gave everything a nice cool bath. 
I hung it all up with a towel providing gentle weight, to straighten out the kinks. 
I wound everything into new balls. 
I have 800 fresh yards of pretty yarn, ready for something new. 

Today it is all about giving pretty yarn new life. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


A week ago, A judge lectured all the attorneys in a case to cool down, and start helping our clients in a case instead of keeping everyone all riled up.  On the walk back to the office, I did some thinking about how I could have handled myself differently in this case recently.  I thought that maybe I needed a personal re-aligning of my mind and spirit. 

That would be the point when I realized that while I had been knitting semi-regularly, I hadn't been WRITING about knitting.  Is this a vital part of my creative process?  Spouting on and on in a public forum about my fiber triumphs and disasters?  Is this really what my psyche had been missing?

Well, then I offer apologies to my inner Yarn Harlot and my two fans who have missed me, and pledge to do better. 

I also bought more yarn.  Can't go wrong there for a little pick me up.

Every other year, my local yarn store hosts a Customer Garage Sale.  Customers have a change to do some stash clearing: unloading the leftover balls from past projects, fibers/colors where the love has cooled, mistake purchases, and yarn where the very sight mocked your past failures.  Then the same customers scoop up these hidden treasures at bargain prices. 

This year was no exception.  A great big pile of lovely yarn. 

Today, it is all about the combination of fiber and  shopping therapy. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Injustice and Horror

Wednesday, I was looking forward to an important and controversial hearing. It was in Indianapolis, and the other attorney had volunteered to drive, so I was looking forward to a couple hours of passenger knitting, and the triumphant victory of this case.

Four hours later, the trial turned out be to the strangest I have ever experienced.  Unfortunately, the judge ended with a decision that still boggles my mind. In my twenty years as a lawyer, this week counted the third miscarriage of justice I have seen.

It was a very quiet ride home. I don't know if the other attorney was pissed, preoccupied or plotting the next step, but the mood was very subdued.

Then the knitting starting going downhill too. I was an inch along, but things just weren't looking right. This shouldn't have been hard, but somehow it was. The yarn was fingering, thin but not too thin. The pattern was lacey, but deceptively simple. Only a four row repeat, and two of them were purls. And, I HAD DONE THE PATTERN BEFORE. should have been a piece of cake. Instead, it has been plagued with problems. Casting on took four attempts, and now the whole thing looked like crap.

Then, I realized. I had written down the pattern incorrectly. Every fourth row was wrong right from the start!  Augh!  I had to rip the whole thing out and start over. For a fifth cast on attempt.

Today, it is all about double horror.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tink, tink, tink

I screwed up. I made a mistake three pattern rows ago on Celtic Sage. That is six rows ago total. I have thought about just dropping a few stitches down in those two spots, but it is too much to add that way, and the last time I tried, I screwed it up.

I am going to have to tink back. Six rows worth.  Row by row. Stitch by stitch.This required a glass of red wine, and chocolate. And I have only tinked half a row.

Kill me now.

Today, it is all about the reclamation.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Ball that Finally Ended

At Knittervention, I wanted to work on Celtic Sage.  I am still loving it, and getting so close to the halfway mark, I am getting impatient. 

But I had my briefcase knitting: the scarf from the Elegant Ensemble.  I only had a small loose ball of yarn before I was calling the scarf finished.  So I made a compromise with myself:  finish the last little bit on the scarf, and then I could knit lace.

An hour later, I still had that same small loose ball of yarn.  I had been knitting the entire time, but that ball was exactly the same size, or at least it seemed like it was.  A half hour later, slightly smaller, but still not finished.  Another half hour later, I finally cast off, just as it was time to leave.

I have a pretty scarf to match my fingerless mitts and ear warmer. 

And since then, I have finished a few more rows of Celtic Sage.  Only about 20 more rows till the halfway point.

Today, it is all about the static ball that finally disappeared.   


Thursday, December 8, 2016

To Burbank with Love

A very good friend of mine started a long journey recently.  She went for a routine eye exam, to see if she might need reading glasses.  (We are in our early 40's, so it is only a matter of time.)  The optometrist discovered some pressure behind her eyes.  Fast forward through more doctor visits, tests, MRI's, and such, and my friend discovered she had some sort of growth in her brain.  Last month, she had brain surgery.  The growth was cancer-free (thank God!), but she has a long road to recovery ahead of her. 

When I first found out she was sick, I was racking my brain for ideas how I could help.  She has a wonderful husband, and a large and supportive family, and I wanted to help too, but I couldn't think of anything I could do from 1000 miles away.  When I saw her post-op pics, it hit me like a slap to the forehead:  headbands.  She has a large scar and half her hair shaved, the girl is going to need some cute headbands!  So I dug through the stash, did some shopping, and went to work.  The first two of them are ready for mailing.

I told her to choose one for herself, and give one away to someone like her.

I have more I want to make, but I need to finish those teachers mitts first.  80% finished for the past month, while I got distracted with headbands.  Now I am down to less than two weeks, which is totally doable, but not if I keep ignoring them. 

Today, it is all about the headband healing.