Friday, August 29, 2014

In all fairness

My last post included why the most recent start up didn't count as a new start up.  Charity, fraternal twin, etc. 

So finishing it doesn't count as a finished object either.  Fair is fair.  It puts my number back down to 19, but it won't count as one on the 2 for 1 vow.  Not until all four scarves are done.  Two and a half completed.

Down to 19.  At Knittervention this past Monday, there was some discussion of our numbers.  Our numbers of works in progress.  It reminded me the single gal discussions with my bestie of the number of men each of us had slept with.  I won't reveal my number of THAT publically, but it is lower than my knitting number.

At Knittervention, some numbers are low, some were medium, mine was the highest.  I was the slut at the party.  The Knitting slut.  Rather dubious honor.

Today, it is all about the highest number.     


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The charity exception

Last week, I wrote about a vow that I would absolutely, under no circumstances, start another project until I finished two. 

That is a great vow, except that last weekend, I started something new.  This does not violate the vow, and I will explain why.

First, it was a scarf that I will be donating to charity.

Second, it is the fraternal twin to a scarf (for charity) that is currently sitting on my desk at my office.  If that scarf had been home last weekend, I would have knit on it and this never would have happened.

Third, it was working towards another vow, that I had not yet publicly disclosed: stash reduction.  

I have a lot of yarn in the stash.  Mostly great yarns, and a few mediocre yarns.  Some of them have been languishing in the yarn cabinet for years, yearning to be knit, tempting me with ideas.  The yarns don't deserve to be neglected in this manner. 

And if I didn't already have enough, last Knittervention, this large bag full of yarn followed me home.  (Thanks Theresa!) 

I thought I showed admirable restraint.  There was a giant bag of yarn that was free to a good home, and I only came home with a large bag.  I have ideas for this yarn.  A couple of gifts, a blanket for charity, and a couple more dishclothes for the house (cuz who doesn't need a few more dishclothes at some point in the future.) 

The burgundy charity yarn was one of four (in purple and burgundy) that I received at the yarn store gift exchange last year, which I immediately decided to make into four scarves for charity. 

So, that is why that new scarf doesn't really count, even though it makes 20 projects that I have in progress right now. 

Today, it is all about the charitable exclusion. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The 2 for 1 vow

19. Dishclothes. I have two or three in progress, but they are all identical, kept in various places, as emergency knitting.

I think that I have finally listed ALL of my WIP's. My knitting addiction has been stripped bare an exposed on the internet.  For all the world to see, or at least my three loyal readers.  And since the internet offers the protection of anonymity, I confessed my WIP's at Knittervention last night. Well, mostly confessed. I admitted that I had counted my projects, and it was in the double digits. That is close enough, right? This led to other's confessions, as well.  The highest number was five.  Amateurs!

So, it is definitely time for that 2 for 1 vow I made last week. I finish two projects, before I am allowed to start one. If I continue that vow, at some point, I will make measurable progress on reducing the number of things in progress. Not to zero, of course. That would be unrealistic, and a few different projects in progress is necessary. Challenging lace, portable socks, brainless something.   Several is good; 19 is excessive.

Next time: I will confess about the recent yarn acquisitions.

Today, it is all about the excess.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Not your grandmother's knitting

When I am knitting a shawl or socks at the courthouse, I get lots of questions asking what I am knitting.  Now that I am knitting a sexy little halter, no a single query.

I am loving the halter. I have finished the bodice, and small picking up the stitches to start working down the belly.  What could go wrong?

Other than running out of yarn, I mean. I have two full skeins, and two half skeins. Plenty of yarn, right? I would have been less worried ten years ago, before children. Back in the day when a little bare midriff was not a concern.

And in the interest of full disclosure, I missed some projects in my last post.

17.  A pretty purple lacey scarfy hood.

18.  Merry berry shawl. An early shawl attempt, still quite nice, but not as dramatic as the Lacie shawls.

Ok, I am starring to feel like I really do have a problem.  18 projects going at once is really too much, even for a non-monogamous knitter. I mean, variety is one thing, but knitting ADD is another.

So I am making my vow now, for all the world to see.  I will not start another project until I finish some. I figure one new project for every two competed.

Today, it is all about the vow.