Thursday, October 26, 2017

Curious Fascination

I have never been a yarn snob, but I do appreciate quality yarn.  Nothing against acrylic, it has its purpose.  It is inexpensive, durable, washable, and versatile.  Acrylic has come a long way since the scratchy plastic-esque versions of the 70's.  That said, wool, alpaca, and merino are delightful.  Lovely feel, and best of all: memory.

So it makes no sense that I have a new love affair with Lion Brand's Shawl in a Ball.   I am partway through my second shawl.  I love the colors, with the slow progression from one color to the next.  The yarn has a touch of little boucle, but it thin enough to carry it off.

Meanwhile, the 2017 Teacher Mitts are well in progress.  One pair 75% finished.  One pair in the queue.  Another pair for my sweetie's aunt possibly standing by.

And if I have any extra time, it would be nice to finish my brother's Smittens before Christmas.  Facebook has new pictures of my fit and smiling brother with his new girlfriend every month.  It would be nice if I can send the Smittens as a gift for their first Christmas.

Today, it is all about the countdown for Christmas knitting.