Sunday, July 31, 2016

Remind me to bring home yellow

My sweetie and our brood are hoping to move in the next several months. We have the new place picked out. Three acres, with a full basement and four car detached garage, in addition to the two car attached garage. Plenty of room for my sweeties tools, guns and toys.

So I have been packing boxes, preparing for the day that our house will be put on the market. Our rental house has to sell first, but I am getting a head start on the house we actually live in.

 I have already packed most of my yarn.  I considered about packing my shampoo first, but I feared being mocked by non-knitting people. The stash is in specially marked Totes. Yarn associated with current projects is in a wicker hamper that my mother kindly consented to keep handy in her living room. 

But that means, when I need a new skein on a current project, I have to visit my mother. Today, when we were dropping off more boxes to stash in her basement,  I had  to pick up yellow yarn for the rainbow baby blanket.

Knittervention is tomorrow, so I grabbed green, just in case. 

Today, it is all about the advance planning. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

I can't explain it

Something happened on Thursday that I still can't explain. There was a special trunk show at my LYS. Luxury hand dyed yarn. I blocked off that time on my court calendar weeks in advance. 

I cleared it with my sweetie that I would be buying yarn. He said that if I found a good deal, sure I could buy some. I told him if I saw something there, it would not be a good deal; it would be expensive, but something I would likely never see again. 

Thursday at lunch, I walked the half mile to the store. Open trunks overflowing with lovely luxury yarns. Merino with silk, with linen, with cashmere. CASHMERE. I had planned to buy one skein, to support the dyer and the store. 

I realized quickly that I would have to buy two, to have enough to make anything. I started narrowing down the colors. Then, it happened. 

I don't know if was the fumes from the wool. Or the excitement of the moment, or what. I walked out with four skeins of yarn. $150!  I have never spent $150 on yarn in my life. 

I wrote a check from my business account. Does that mean I can count it as a business expense? I knit between court hearing all the time. 

Please don't tell my husband. 

Today, it is all about the lack of explanation.