Wednesday, February 27, 2008


1: The number of heartbeats the doctor heard last week. And he had to search long and hard to find it, so my sweetie can just stop teasing me about twins.

136: The number of heartbeats per minute. According to the old wives tale, little girls are under 140, and little boys are over. When Mom was pregnant with me, I was exactly 140, so this isn't exactly a science.

18: How many weeks pregnant I am. (16 weeks gestation)

2: How many more weeks until the untrasound.

4: How many pounds I gained last month. The doctor would have liked to see only 2, but since all my other numbers are fine, he didnt' give me a hard time.

$300-400: the price of the class for the birthing method I want to use. I have already read the book (and found I have used the methods for other things, like for cramps in college and for my insomnia), but I had no idea the class itself would be so expensive. The closest instructor is in Indy, and we are trying to figure out if we can car-pool with someone else in Lafayette, or she can travel here for a private shortened class, but even those options won't be much cheaper. We are still discussing this. We can still use the method even if we don't take the class. After all, I self-trained myself for the LSAT too.

97: The number of cents our kid's first set of keys cost at Walmart. A set of baby plastic chewing keys are tradition.

105 (estimated): How many time I have to pee a day.

8: Number of weeks until me and my sweetie celebrate our first anniversay. So soon!

4: The paltry number of rows I have completed on Pomatomus in the past week.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


And we have a nursery! Fresh paint, new(ish) carpet, and assembled crib and changing table. And since Sara asked in the comments, the nursery isn't "pink or blue" yet. My sweetie and I are currently in negotiationgs about whether we will find out the sex or not. The carpet is dark green, the car seat, stroller, high chair etc are sage green. The nursery has a unisex "celestial" theme, with suns and moons and stars, mostly in yellow with a little blue sky.

Obligatory knitting content: I have also been plugging away at Pomatomus. Now halfway through the second pattern repeat of the leg (there are three). I better finish this soon. People keep asking me what I am knitting for baby. Um, nothing, this is for me. See? Big person sock.

I obviously need to go stash diving soon and put something for baby on the needles.

Today, it is all about finished objects, even if they aren't knitted.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Return to Sock Club

Safely into the second energy-filled second trimester, I went to Sock Club last Saturday. My first knitting related event since I got pregnant. I sat for two hours and worked on my Pomotomus sock. It was delightful, even if I only knit about an inch. It felt like it took a while to get back into the swing of it.

And since then. . . I haven't knit a stitch. Sigh. I have pulled it out a couple times, but somehow never got around to actually knitting. This is like becoming a member of a gym, but never going there. The sock simply does not magically knit itself, no matter how many times I leave it under my pillow.

In baby news, my sweetie has been hard at work in the nursery. The ceiling and walls are painted, and last night, he was working hard on the new(er) carpeting. My father didn't have the nursery done by my due date (good thing I was two weeks late!), so my sweeties is very ahead of the game. He says he didn't want to risk putting it off til the last minute. I think he is just sick of all the baby stuff stacked in the living room. I don't want to say his mother is a little excited, but she started buying things for the baby in my first trimester. God bless grandmas.

Today, it is all about the nursery, er, I mean sock club.