Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A Yarn Room to Call My Own

My sweetie and I have been house hunting for a while.  Off and on for a few years.  He has certain things in mind, which is not always in line with our budget.  It doesn't help that the market for the type of place we are looking for is very hot right now.  VERY hot.  Anything in the county, with some acreage, for under $200K, goes on the market, a crowd of impatient buyers descend like a pack of sharks on the trail of blood.  We have gone as high as $10K above asking price, only to be outbid.

Finally, we were the early bird. We swooped in and made an offer before anyone else noticed it was on the market.  After all those times of disappointment and frustration, our dreams were finally coming true.

The reality struck.  Packing.  Moving.  Oh, my!  We haven't moved since we got married, twelve years ago.  And that was just me into his bachelor house.  We have had two children since then, and amassed a lot more stuff.  I know it will all be worth it, but there will be a lot of work in the next few weeks.

Sweetie is having dreams of the large barn.  (Larger than the house, actually, which I don't think is really fair.)  I am dreaming about the fourth bedroom, on the first floor.  Right now, it is cramped, with a miniscule closet.  We have future plans to add on the side of the house, to make it a master suite, with bathroom and walk in closet.  For now, I am dreaming of an office/craft room.  A place for my yarn and sewing machine.  For twelve years I have had these things in my mother's basement.  And when I bring work home, I use the kitchen table, glaring at anyone who gets chocolate milk too close to my laptop.  I may have to elbow the kids, who keep talking about a toy room, but I am still bigger than them, and I help pay the mortgage, so I like my odds.   As long as I can resist their pleas.

Now, I just have to figure out how to camouflage my stash for the move.  Really, my sweetie doesn't need to know how much yarn I really own.

Today, it is all about the dreams.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

That's a lot of yarn

The sales have started.  She has a table that rotates on a weekly basis that is 40% off, and the rest of the store is 20% off.  The sweet part about losing my local yarn store.  So, of course, I did some shopping, with an unexpected guest.

The first day of the sales was on my anniversary, and my sweetie and I were running errands, so he was with me.  I assumed that he would just find a chair somewhere, and play on his phone while I drooled over yarn.  Nope.  He browsed right next to me.  He pointed out things I might be interested in.  Or he might be interested in.  When I found one skein of something nice, he even located the second skein for me.

Who knew?  His transformation as a knitter husband is complete.  And now I have a lot more yarn in the stash.

Today, it is all about the growth.