Thursday, October 25, 2018

Knnitters Come Through

The St. Baldrick's event was a success!  A number of people shaved their heads in solidarity for those who have to shave their heads during chemo.  And the knitters made a whole pile of hats for the shavees.

I had 3rd grade football game, so I arrived late.  My sweetie took our little football player home to change his clothes (he was also supposed to have him shower, but whatever.)  We got there just in time to rush to fill out our raffle tickets and stuff them into the little containers.  In fact, I didn't even do that right.  My sweetie found some of my tickets under a box.  Apparently I had left them there when I picked it up to put a ticket in.

They had over a hundred raffle prizes, and we ended  up making out like bandits.  We won gift certificates to three local pubs/restaurants.  AND, we won the big prize of the night: a charcoal grill/smoker.  Way cool.

But the best part of the night:  the person who won the shawl I donated, was a Kniterventioner.  She is one of our crocheters, not a knitter, but she was still a fiber person.  And she still appreciated my knitting enough to put her tickets in the little container.  I am so honored, and reassured that someone who understands yarn will be taking good care of my shawl.

Today, it is all about the honor.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Political Invasion

These days, it feels like politics has invaded every facet of American society, on a extremely toxic and negative level.  Today, it felt like the invasion was complete, Knittervention was targeted.

One of our sporadic members stated that as the bar where we meet had a poster for her political opposition, and refused to put her poster up as well.  Therefore, she decided not to pay them another dime.  I pointed out that she could come and knit and order water.  She discussed how we should consider a place that was not "taking sides."  (Really, she doesn't have a problem with a business taking sides, just that it was not willing to take HER side.)

I restrained myself from responding right away.  Definitely one of those times when it is wise to sleep on it, and form a well-reasoned response.  I pointed out that the particular bar had been very accommodating for nearly a decade.  They reserve a private room for, no matter how busy the main bar is, and they leave the lights on bright when they dim the rest of the bar.  Personally, I generally judge a bar by their food, beverages, and service.

Apparently, there were some personal messages exchanged, and she will not be joining us again at Knittervention.

Is nothing sacred?  Have we honestly descended so low that a few earthlings (we are all women, but I don't want to limit our ranks to those of the female persuasion) truly not able to knit in public for two hours without political animosity rearing its ugly head?  Can we really not put aside any political leanings to enjoy a mutual interest?  Can red knitters and blue knitters not peacefully coexist while surrounded in fiber?

We apologize for this political interruption.  We now return you to your normally scheduled knitting blog.

Today, in is all about the disbelief.