Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A Home for the Stash

I am officially feeling settled in the new house.  There is still a lot to unpack, but the yarn is unpacked and arranged.  It was a lovely process.  I wish all unpacking could be so enjoyable.  I literally placed every skein of yarn on the floor, then one by one, arranged into the cabinet and bins.

It was like visiting old friends.  I have so many beautiful yarns, some that I had forgotten I even owned.  I have Malabrigo Lace?  When did I buy that?  Ooo, this ball is prettier than I remembered.  I have ten balls of this silk bamboo?  I didn't remember that many.

It was only later that I realized that I missed an opportunity.  I should have taken a picture of each yarn and logged them into Ravelry.   Though, the internet does not get connected at the new house until tomorrow, so really we are talking that I should have taken a bunch of pictures with notes to add to Ravelry at a later date, when I may or may not remember what I am adding.

Today, it is all about the Sunday afternoon playing with pretty yarn.  

Monday, July 15, 2019

Country Life

We have successfully moved into the new house.  Well, out of the old house, and settling into the new house.  There is still a great deal of things in storage and my Mother's basement.  Including my yarn cabinet, sewing machine, and desk.  I was able to stake my claim to the fourth bedroom (though which one evolved over time), so these items will eventually have a home in my home.  Though, I did lose the closet to other requirements.  So now, my stash will be in the room, in my yarn cabinet and bins, in full view of the world.  The stairs are narrow, steep and difficult to maneuver, so my stash should be shielded from viewing by the random guests, for family's eyes only.

All in all, we are very happy with our new home.  We have one neighbor, with another three or four about a half mile away.  We are surrounded by corn/soybean fields, woods, and quiet.  My sweetie and I are looking forward to evening walks around our own land, instead of around the old neighborhood.

With all the packing, moving and unpacking action, I have hardly had a chance to knit at all.  During the closing, I was able to knit the whole time, to the amusement of everyone in the room.  But after that, I knit exactly two rows, forty stitches, in a two week period.  That is pretty bad, but I was too busy and active to notice.  I have a two week deadline for the Ravenclaw Scarf, so that deadline is weighing on my mind.  It doesn't help that I can't knit on that one at home, or at least, not when the kids are home.  Can't have my little Ravenclaw seeing his birthday present.

Once I am more settled in the new Mommy room, I want to really evaluate my WIP's, especially the long-neglected ones.  Some have been stuck in my Mother's basement for so long, I don't even remember them.  I also want to re-evaluate my stash.  With my LYS closing two weeks ago, I scooped up some really beautiful yarns, a lot of really beautiful yarns.  And like the WIP's some of my yarns have been outside of the home so long, I have no idea what I really have.  So stay tuned for those updates.

Today, it is all about the new home, for me, my family, and my yarn.