Sunday, June 28, 2009

New home

Bad blogger! Yes, I am aware how long it has been since I have last blogged. There has been a very good reason for that: lack of knitting. There isn't much use to blog about knitting, when you haven't been. A few rows here and there on a shawl and sock that have been previously blogged and pictured seems silly.

There is a very good reason for the lack of knitting, but my little Bugaboo wanted to be the one to tell you. He is going to be a big brother in January. (Pause while everyone comes to the correct conclusion.) So I am 2/3's way through the first trimester, and apparently a baby is all my body has the energy to be creating at the moment. As before, I am exhausted and queasy all the time, and even knitting seems like a waste of valuable energy.

Since I have little new knitting to show off, I will show off my yarn's new home. My sweetie finished (some time ago) modifying his old gun cabinet into my new yarn cabinet. It even has CEDAR shelves. Not cedar-lined, solid cedar. I doubt he really understands the risk that moths pose to my yarn, but he understands enough to know that cedar is good, and went the extra mile on that part. It didn't take long for me to start moving yarn in. I unearthed a few random skeins from their hiding places in the house. (If my husband has noticed that my dirty clothes have been going into his hamper for months, I am sure he hasn't gone the next step and wondered what was in MY hamper. A cubby here, a stuffed skein there. As long as he doesn't have to see it.) Then I came home from the office bearing a plastic container. Then one more trip from my mother's basement.

There is a special shelf dedicated to sock yarn. I had forgotten some of the nice yarns burried deep at the bottom of that plastic container. It makes me want to knit up a storm! If I had the energy to get off the couch, that is.

The ammo and handgun bottom section has been converted nicely to gadgets, widgets and needles. My sweetie may still need to do some tweaking. The center areas is really too big, and could use one more shelf in there.

I had to celebrate a little. A newly converted yarn cabinet deserves some some new yarn. It had been so long since I bought new yarn. I just had to! Besides, I was just doing my little part to help the economy! That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Isn't is pretty? Almost all my yarn is in one place at my own residence. I can look at it and pet it any time I want. I can plan, organize and peruse. I can cast on at a whim. This is life, baby!

Today, it is all about the new storage, for both yarn and babies.