Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mental Knitting

I had to do some mental knitting a few days ago. I had finished the ribbing on my new socks for myself, Twisted Tweed. I started on the first pattern row, did three repeats, and realized that I was doing it wrong. I just did not understand the instructions, even though they were not difficult. When I slipped a few stitches with the yarn in front, then knitted a few, I kept ending up with an extra stitch in there. I pictures socks that increased by a dozen stitches every other row, and knew that definitely wasn't right.

I cruised onto Ravelry, to see if anyone had an explanation. I only had a few minutes, and didn't find one, but I did take a gander at some nice pictures that showed the stitch detail. After a day of mulling over the pictures and description, I finally figured it out.

I tested my theory, and sure enough. Lovely! Who knew that mental knitting could be so effective?

Today, it is all about the mind.