Thursday, March 1, 2012

Circulars are Double Points too

First, the obvious question: "Did you finish the Duchess Shawl?" Um, no, I ran out of yarn.

I did finish the body. The decreases finally reached the magic number of 7. Seven the favorite number of prime afficionados, Harry Potterites, and Duchess Shawl knitters everywhere. So I dutifully started picking up stiches. On. All. Three. Sides.

About a half million stiches later, I realized that there was no way I was going to fit all these stiches on one circular needle, especially since I was only about halfway around. So I found another needle, and kept going. Three million stitches later, I had worked my way around, and realized again that while all the stiches squished onto two needles just barely fit.

Row 2: increase by one stitch on every stitch. (Translation for the non-knitting muggles: double the stitches.)

So I bought two more needles. I had to go to three stores to do it. Apparently there is some sort of run on size 5 circular needles in Lafayette.

I finished Row 2, so now there are approximately 100 million stitches on four circular needles, strung together like giant double points. And that is when I ran out of yarn. And realized that I need yet another needle, to have the "working" needle.

I can buy the fifth needle when the yarn arrives.

Today, it is all about Ruffle insanity

P.S. For those who prefer their math exaggeration free, I have not actually counted the stitches, but I estmate 1200 stitches picked up, so 2400 stitches after the increase row. If I ever get bored, or find that the curiosity is driving me crazy, I will count.