Friday, December 21, 2018

And then there were extra

I knit my traditional Teacher Mitts again this year.  Except, my oldest has two teachers: one for STEM and one for Humanities , so there was an extra set of mitts.  I started early this year, in September, so that I wouldn't be frantically knitting the night before.  I even let the boys pick out the yarn, so they would feel more connected with their gift.

However, my slightly OCD child did not like the way the longer color progression appeared in the mitts.  Basically, the long repeat made for fraternal mitts, not identical.  The first started with light blue, progressed to mostly dark blue, then ended with medium blue.  And the second started with medium blue, and progressed to mostly light blue.  And my child hated it.  He didn't say so, but I could tell.  So I finished all three sets of mitts in record time, not long after of Thanksgiving.

So I made two more mitts, one of each set to match one of the existing mitts.  He only wanted me to make the extras if I could make BOTH of them.  The first didn't take too long, but the second was harder.  The yarn was single ply and loosely spun.  It was a bitch to work with, but was a pretty finished product.

So for all of my advance planning, there I was, the night before the last day of school before Christmas break, knitting away on the last couple years.

Today, it is all about the repetition of years past.