Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Small creations

I am pleased to announce that my first Twisted Tweed Sock is finished, and (as the antidote to the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome) the second one cast on. I took it with me to California, though was not able to knit nearly as much as I had hoped. There was no plane knitting. We flew across 2/3's of the country, but no knitting for Mommy. In spite of the fact that it was pask his bedtime, eventually by hours, my little guy was wide eyed and cranky for the entire flight. My sweetie was enjoying the open bar (we had enough frequent flyer miles to get first class, which I thought was a very good thing with a toddler on the outside and a wee one on the inside) and wasn't much help to me.

I was able to knit on some of the sightseeing days, when our host was doing the driving. A couple days, I was driving, to which my sweetie initially objected, until he saw the intricate network of freeways in the LA basin. Not for rookies.

As a celebration, I cast on a new sock. Just something to break loose some boredom with my current projects. (My usual model is still sleeping in his crib, so his new Halloween teddy was pleased to substitute.) Some of my new sock yarn in a lovely semi-solid shades of red colorway (with the occasional dash of navy for interest), in a deceptively simple textured pattern. My new favorite style for hand knit socks. (Why was I so enamored of the self-patterning yarns? I maintain that I just had not yet discovered the rich sublety of semi-solids,) I can't wait to get these babies on my feet. I have several maternity tops that would match them, though I doubt they will be finished in time for that. I have other pre-pregnancy tops that match too.

Speaking of pregnancy, I am feeling better these days. Safely entered the third trimester, I feel like I have been huge forever this go round. Some days I can't get comfortable no matter what, and the intermittant insomnia creates some tired days, but last weekend was a couple of good days. I celebrated by turning these,

into this. . . . Yummy Vegetable Beef Soup. Lots of protein and veggies, and all things good for a growing belly, especially in the winter.

I can hear my little guy stirring, so I think it may to be time to start my day. It is Veterans's Day, so the courthouse is closed, but I am going into the office to catch up on paperwork. Best wishes to all Veterans, those serving now, those who served in the past, and those who have gone before us. In that last category, a special moment of silence for my grandfather, Jerome Prescott Knight, U.S. Army, retired, and my father, Allan Prescott Knight, U.S. Air Force. Between the two of them, the fought in three wars and lived to raise families and instill in us a sense of moralily and patriotism. God bless America!