Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rule 3

Rule 3 of Sock Club: If the sock isn't working. . . frog it. My pretty petticoat socks are no more. Yes, I was halfway done with the SECOND sock. But when I tried to put it in, it was just too stiff and/or small for my feet. I liked the look of the chevroned stripes, but it just wasn't comfy on the tooties, and that is more important that looking good, at least where feet are concerned.

So, I gathered my resolve, and ripped the whole thing out. That makes one less work in progress, at least. Now I just have to decide what to do with the yarn, especially since I realized that while it is very pretty, it doesn't match a single thing in my closet, so maybe socks for me isn't the best use. I am picturing some frilly, dainty little girl socks.

I have firmly entered the second trimester, so finally feel like knitting again. Once in a while at least. So Pomotomus is. . . an inch longer than it was with little discernable change. And my sweetie's hoodie is . . . a couple inches longer than it was with little discernable change. And my Twisted Tweed Socks are . . . an inch or two longer than they were with . . . I am starting to notice a pattern here.

I hate being in the middle of projects. At the beginning, you see your progress. When you had an inch last week, and now have two inches, you have doubled your progress. Two inches on a hoodie that is already 22 inches just doesn't sound all that impressive. I could start something new, but I feel like I already have too many "active" projects.

Today, it is all about the non-discernable progress