Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Swatching doesn't count

I wasn't starting anything new. Honest. I have four socks and one wrap in progress. And that doesn't count the UFO basket that I don't admit to my husband that I have. I was just making a swatch. Swatching doesn't count. Really, I was just. . . . testing the needles. If you don't take them out for a drive once in a while, the tires crack, the battery goes dead, and the oil congeals in the drip pan. Honest!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Resistance is futile

I have been battling knitting ennui recently. I tried to fight it by starting those new cabled fingerless mittens, but became quickly bored by the wrist ribbing. Which didn't stop form me continuing, since I was equally bored with everything else I am working on. At least that was a newer project, instead of the sagging center of everything else. Second Pomotomus sock, Second Mother's Ribbed Sock, Second Pretty Petticoat, and the halfway point of Seafoam Stripes. I am in the middle of everything!

I started thinking that maybe I just needed some instant knit gratification. You know, a thicker than sock yarn project to make me see some speedy results and smile at my quick-moving project. I thought about resurrecting a too-long-neglected sweater that only needs sleeves, but oh no, I started thinking about yarns in my stash, and new ideas (or at least recycling old ones). Must. Resist. Finish current projects.

Then someone at sock club yesterday afternoon mentioned that she had 34 active projects (including two crochets) on the needles these days. So, really, I am far below her, and am probably screwing up the bell curve, right? I should cast on something new just to make her feel better, right? Right???? I brought some yarn home from it storage at the office, just in case. (You know, since I was downtown anyway for Sock club.) We will see what happens with dawn's early light today.

My sweetie finally finished the shed. It still needs inside work, shelves, etc, but we have started moving things inside. I am under the impression that this will somehow create more room in the house for my knitting stuff to return from its exile, but that hasn't happened yet. In fact, I am receiving lectures about not putting a lot of *expletive deleted* in the shed. Why is it that his stuff is shed-worthy, and my stuff is *expletive deleted*? A question to ponder.

Today, it is all about the ennui rehabilitation.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When the going gets boring

. . . the bored start something new. I have been working on the same three knitting projects for, well, it seems about forever, and I am starting to get a little bored with them. I need some instant gratification knitting! So I started this last night. Fingerless mittens. There will be a cool intricate cable on the back of the hand (my first cabling attempt), but for now, I am just ribbing.

I am bored with it already. Sigh.

Friday, October 19, 2007

And I even had time to knit

This was not a good week. It was a cumulative effect. Money tightness, mixed with rental issues, with a dash of work piles, topped with not enough hours in each day, and baked for one hour at 350 degrees. It was even that time of the month, making me more emotional and less able to deal. When I realized I had knit a grand total of two rows in four days (about 200 stitches), I added that to my list of complaints.

But I am feeling much better today. Hormones have stabilized. Paycheck deposited (not a permanent solution, but comfort for the day). Money borrowed to cover rental repairs (also not a permanent solution, but it will get me through until I can sue the little puke that did over $3,000 damages in six short months). A desk day made a gaping hole in the stacks on my desk. And I even had time to knit.

I zipped through a good 15 rows of the Seafoam Stripes wrap at the Legion last night. We probably would have left earlier, but Friday night's band did a few songs after setting up and soundchecking, and we stayed longer to listen. I figured I was about halfway finished. A wrap, of course, is whatever length you want, and I had been thinking along the lines of six foot. You know, long enough to wrap around my back and dangle in front of my arms. I measured this morning. 34 inches complete. Damn, I am good.

And in case I ever start to doubt the existance of a omnipotent, benevolant God, I was the unexpected beneficiary of two free tickets to Purdue football tomorrow. Thank you, God, I needed that. Nice way for my sweetie and I to celebrate six months of wedded bliss. Life is good. For today, at least.

Today, it is all about the good.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Incredible Growing Sock

I don't know how this happens. One night I am measuring the foot, thinking I have another inch to get to the toe decrease. Knit a few rows. Measure. Knit a few rows. Measure. Knit a few rows. Then suddenly, I am an inch over where I needed to decrease. How does this happen? Does the sock grow at night? Do my rows squinch together in my hands, and stretch later? Am I knitting faster than the speed of light? Am I that incapable of reading a measuring tape? Excuse me while I frog back several rows and decrease a toe. Sigh.
Today, it is all about the extra inches.