Friday, October 19, 2007

And I even had time to knit

This was not a good week. It was a cumulative effect. Money tightness, mixed with rental issues, with a dash of work piles, topped with not enough hours in each day, and baked for one hour at 350 degrees. It was even that time of the month, making me more emotional and less able to deal. When I realized I had knit a grand total of two rows in four days (about 200 stitches), I added that to my list of complaints.

But I am feeling much better today. Hormones have stabilized. Paycheck deposited (not a permanent solution, but comfort for the day). Money borrowed to cover rental repairs (also not a permanent solution, but it will get me through until I can sue the little puke that did over $3,000 damages in six short months). A desk day made a gaping hole in the stacks on my desk. And I even had time to knit.

I zipped through a good 15 rows of the Seafoam Stripes wrap at the Legion last night. We probably would have left earlier, but Friday night's band did a few songs after setting up and soundchecking, and we stayed longer to listen. I figured I was about halfway finished. A wrap, of course, is whatever length you want, and I had been thinking along the lines of six foot. You know, long enough to wrap around my back and dangle in front of my arms. I measured this morning. 34 inches complete. Damn, I am good.

And in case I ever start to doubt the existance of a omnipotent, benevolant God, I was the unexpected beneficiary of two free tickets to Purdue football tomorrow. Thank you, God, I needed that. Nice way for my sweetie and I to celebrate six months of wedded bliss. Life is good. For today, at least.

Today, it is all about the good.

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