Sunday, October 28, 2007

Resistance is futile

I have been battling knitting ennui recently. I tried to fight it by starting those new cabled fingerless mittens, but became quickly bored by the wrist ribbing. Which didn't stop form me continuing, since I was equally bored with everything else I am working on. At least that was a newer project, instead of the sagging center of everything else. Second Pomotomus sock, Second Mother's Ribbed Sock, Second Pretty Petticoat, and the halfway point of Seafoam Stripes. I am in the middle of everything!

I started thinking that maybe I just needed some instant knit gratification. You know, a thicker than sock yarn project to make me see some speedy results and smile at my quick-moving project. I thought about resurrecting a too-long-neglected sweater that only needs sleeves, but oh no, I started thinking about yarns in my stash, and new ideas (or at least recycling old ones). Must. Resist. Finish current projects.

Then someone at sock club yesterday afternoon mentioned that she had 34 active projects (including two crochets) on the needles these days. So, really, I am far below her, and am probably screwing up the bell curve, right? I should cast on something new just to make her feel better, right? Right???? I brought some yarn home from it storage at the office, just in case. (You know, since I was downtown anyway for Sock club.) We will see what happens with dawn's early light today.

My sweetie finally finished the shed. It still needs inside work, shelves, etc, but we have started moving things inside. I am under the impression that this will somehow create more room in the house for my knitting stuff to return from its exile, but that hasn't happened yet. In fact, I am receiving lectures about not putting a lot of *expletive deleted* in the shed. Why is it that his stuff is shed-worthy, and my stuff is *expletive deleted*? A question to ponder.

Today, it is all about the ennui rehabilitation.

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