Sunday, July 22, 2018

Mommy's Time Out

All three of my guys went to Cub Scout Adventure Camp for three days.  What is a Mommy to do with all that free time?

Finish a lace project, of course.  Celtic Sage  I tried to figure out exactly how long I have been working on it, but it is as least four years.  I am so excited to wear it around the courthouse tomorrow.  It was dry and ready to come off the blocking pins  by the time my house was invaded by soggy, dirty Scouts, with mounds of dirty laundry.  (How can three guys generate so much dirty laundry in three days?)

Today, it is all about the log-overdue completion

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Apologies for the hiatus

I didn't intend to take a six month break from blogging, but apparently I have.  I didn't think it had been that long, but the date on the last post doesn't lie.  January.

I have lots of knitting updates, but I am going to do those one at a time.  That will cover at least a month's worth of posts!

Today, there is the scarf that I have fallen out of love with.  I am hating the pattern.  It is supposed to be a little lacey, but I am finding the holes gapey.  I would rip out and start something different, but I am disenchanted with the yarn as well.  I am finding the sequins gaudy instead of blingy.  Then I found a new purpose.  A friend is putting together a charity event, and is looking for donations for the raffle.  So I thought that I would finish the scarf, then donate it.  Then I realized that my plan required  me to actually finish the scarf.  I hate each and every row that I knit on it, but I am determined to finish the scarf, or at least make it long enough so I can stop whether I have run out of yarn or not.

Today, it is all about the recycling of old projects.