Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tink, tink, tink

I screwed up. I made a mistake three pattern rows ago on Celtic Sage. That is six rows ago total. I have thought about just dropping a few stitches down in those two spots, but it is too much to add that way, and the last time I tried, I screwed it up.

I am going to have to tink back. Six rows worth.  Row by row. Stitch by stitch.This required a glass of red wine, and chocolate. And I have only tinked half a row.

Kill me now.

Today, it is all about the reclamation.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Ball that Finally Ended

At Knittervention, I wanted to work on Celtic Sage.  I am still loving it, and getting so close to the halfway mark, I am getting impatient. 

But I had my briefcase knitting: the scarf from the Elegant Ensemble.  I only had a small loose ball of yarn before I was calling the scarf finished.  So I made a compromise with myself:  finish the last little bit on the scarf, and then I could knit lace.

An hour later, I still had that same small loose ball of yarn.  I had been knitting the entire time, but that ball was exactly the same size, or at least it seemed like it was.  A half hour later, slightly smaller, but still not finished.  Another half hour later, I finally cast off, just as it was time to leave.

I have a pretty scarf to match my fingerless mitts and ear warmer. 

And since then, I have finished a few more rows of Celtic Sage.  Only about 20 more rows till the halfway point.

Today, it is all about the static ball that finally disappeared.