Monday, December 19, 2011

Judicial Notice

"Counsel, aren't you finished with that YET?"

I was knitting on the Duchess Shawl in a courtroom this morning, waiting on the other attorney. It was a slow morning, so the judge didn't have his usual line of people waiting to approach the bench during Motion Hour. And apparently not only did he notice what I was knitting, he remembered that he had seen it several times before.

I am not certain if that is a testiment that I have been knitting way too often in his courtroom, or to his memory.

I would say that I am *almost* finished with the shawl, except the ruffle looms far and large in my future. The ever-decreasing and acceleration factor of the body is cool comfort, so to speak.

Today, it is all about the notice.

Friday, December 9, 2011

New deadlines

The original deadline for the Duchess Shawl was September 15th, the end of the Knit-along. Passed. The original deadline for the Hunting Covertible Mittens was November 15th, opening day of hunting season: deer (rifle) season. Passed. The second was opening day of hunting season: deer (muzzleloader). Passed.

I obviously need some new deadlines.

I have been working on Duchess shawl. I am on the downward side, decreasing a stitch every four rows. Sounds like slow progress, but each row is already down to four minutes.

But the suicide ruffle looming at the final edge. It is like making it up and down a mountain, then taking a lap around the base as soon as you get to the bottom.

Today, it is all about the milage.