Friday, January 22, 2010

Guest post

Mommy asked if I could handle her blog post this week. It has been quite a week. I knew something was up when Grandma picked me up really early one morning. Mommy seemed a little distracted, and was playing with her phone a lot. Grandma came and picked me up, but I didn't know why. Grandma watches me sometimes when Mommy goes to that work place, but Mommy usually drops me off at Grandma's house. Just before Grandma and I left, Daddy came home from work.

I played at Grandma's house as usual. Grandma has toys that I don't have at home, and I like playing with Grandma's dog too. After dinner, Grandma brought me to this strange place. It was really big, and had a lot of people around. I held onto Grandma's hand tight. We went in an elevator, and down a long hallway. When we went into a smaller room, all the people I love were there. Daddy, and Grandma and Grandpa. And Mommy was lying in bed, with a blankie in her arms. I was a little afraid, but I looked at the blankie, and there was a little person there. Daddy says that is my baby brother. I looked closer, and he looked a little like me, but much smaller. Daddy called him Doodlebug.

I spent the next day with my other Grandma, and we went back to the big place with the long hallways again after dinner. This time I wasn't as afraid, and got a good look at my brother. Mommy and Daddy even let me touch his hair, as long as I promised to be gentle. He sure is tiny.

Mommy and Daddy brought Doodlebug home, and I have been learning about him. I can still only touch his head. He isn't much for playing yet, but Daddy says that we will play together when he gets older. Right now, he mostly sleeps. I kiss him on his head, so he knows that I am his big brother and want to play with him soon.

~Mommy's Bugaboo