Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Forgotten photos

In reviewing the last few months of blog entries, er, I mean last few blog entries. . . . well, same thing. I realized that I had never posted pictures of my recently finished projects. Oh, the shame. The neglect. Let me remedy.

Finished objects #1 and #2: Car seat baby blankies

A very good friend of my mine was pregnant. (Baby born last week, congrats Cyn!) One of the most used gifts that I received lst year was a tiny little blankie for car seat use. Just a little something to drape over when there is a hint of chill in the air, that doesn't dangle down or get tangled with the base. As it turned out, I had enough yarn to make two, so I get to keep one for myself.

Finished Object #3: Branching Out Scarf, "First Lace"
I ran out of yarn, so called it finished. The scarf is a little shorter than I usually prefer, but may stretch a little longer with blocking. No, I have not done that yet.

Finished Project #4 Cabled fingerless mitts.
I really love the design and the colors in the yarn, but I can't wear them. I made a mistake halfway through the cable on the first mitt. Nothing too big. Muggles can't see it, but a fiber person notices it so fast, you would think it was knit in neon pink. I have enough of the ball to knit another pair, which I am considering doing. (I think. Wouldn't that be irony in itself if I went through all the trouble to knit the whole thing over again, and ran out of yarn a few inches shy?) Would it be terrible of me to donate the ruined pair to charity?
Today, it is all about the showing off.