Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pink or Blue?

We had the ultrasound last week. The little one was very active and a little camera shy, but we finally got the view that my husband wanted. Ta da! There it was, his little winky. Within hours, his mother had purchased little boy clothing at the Harley store.

Guess I can start knitting little blue booties now. That is why I hadn't knit anything for the baby yet. I didn't know what color to use. Right. Sure.

Today, it is all about the blue.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Public Debut

My mother-in-law took me shopping for a birthday present. I think my husband tipped her off that in addition to some maternity clothes, I needed a pair of work-appropriate, comfortable, supportive shoes.
So behold, my new shoes! They are so comfy, even if they aren't my usual style. And it is pure coincidence that they are perfect for wearing hand knit socks.
Usually, I wear my socks at home, snuggled on the sofa on cold winter days, because I didn't really have any shoes that would show them off. No more! I am sporting these puppies in public now, and revelling in how cozy my feet feel at the office.
Makes me want to hurry up and knit more socks. I have finished another couple rows on Pomatomus, so I should have them finished by. . . . . mid July or so. Hmmmm, that doesn't sound encouraging.
Today, it is all about the publicity.