Monday, July 21, 2008

Not yet. . . .

My official due date is Thursday, and Thumper has not shown any inclination to enter the world early. My sweetie has become more impatient this past week, but I think that is mostly because it has been so ungodly hot, and it isn't like the poor boy works in air conditioning. I think he was hoping the hottest week of the summer so far would coincide with his maternity leave. Sorry, dear, no such luck.

Just to placate him, I did time my contractions last night. They aren't even painful yet, just a tightening pressure around my abdomen, but you can't tell my impatient father-to-be that. Ok, they are 90 minutes to three hours apart, and irregular. No need to go to the hospital yet.

Meanwhile, I have found a coupel scraps of time and energy to work on my mother's socks in progress. I turned the heel in, um, April, and have a good inch or two finished on the foot. At this rate, she may have them to wear by Christmas. It is just too bloody hot to knit anyway! Even in an air-conditioned house (too cold air conditioning, but that is an ongoing passive-agressive dispute between spouses), even the idea of knitting sounds hot.

Today, it is all about the heat.