Monday, October 10, 2016

What a Difference Three Hours Makes

I haven't had a chance to blog, but I have barely had time to knit either. A row here, a row there, nothing to blog about. I was able to finish Mandy's blanket, presented with pride a few days before the baby is born.
I was pleased with the crochet border, and even added an additional double crochet row, since I had a couple days before the planned gifting. 

In the weeks after, I found myself not knitting.  I was busy with life.  Work, kids, house, stress, etc.  These are the things that usually drive me to knitting, but I just wasn't sure what to knit.  I knew what I SHOULD be knitting: mitts for the teachers' Christmas present, my sweeties hunting mitts and a few other things that had been in progress for close to forever.  I knew what I was tempted to knit, new and exciting things for myself, but then I felt guilt for the older and only unexciting because of their age things.  So I just didn't pick up the needles.  I would pack them in my bag, and carry them around the house, but without actually knitting.  No knitting meant no need to blog about knitting.

I finally broke through my knitting ennui last Friday, but finding something more boring.  I had continuing education for three hours.  I needed some non-complicated knitting that would occupy my hands and keep me awake for three hours.  I  started with a few lines completed, and made it all the way to finishing thumb increases.  A re-joining after casting off the thumb and a dozen or so ribbed rows later, and I was casting off this morning.  And casting off the second.  I guess if I even wanted to know how long it took to knit one mitt, the answer is four to five hours.  I estimate that I have to finish one mitt every two weeks in October and November, and now I find myself well ahead of my deadline. 

Today, it is all about the break, but not a break up.