Monday, June 30, 2008

Bad knitter!

I went to Sock Club last Saturday, with my giant belly preceding me. (24 days and counting til the due date, if anyone is wondering.) The fellow sock knitters chastized me because I had not yet knit anything for Thumper, other than an unfinished little hat. And even that will remain unfinished for a while, because the last time I went to pick it up, one DPN was missing. Oops. Why don't they sell those in sets of six or seven. It can't come as a surprise that we WILL lose one or two at some point. I want to conduct a search of all purses, briefcases and knitting bags before I break down and buy an additional set of that size.

However, in my knitting defense, I do want to point out that Thumper's little hat is the ONLY thing that I have started in my entire pregancy. It isn't like I have been knitting new projects for anyone else. Everything in my bag was started pre-pregnancy, and is STILL in progress. I honestly just haven't been doing much knitting. Normally, I knit while I do other things: watch TV, wait in line, wait for court, take a lunch break, and so on. These days, when I have an oppotunity to just sit still and rest for a few minutes, I take it.

Does Child Protective Services consider it nelgect if you fail to knit for your child?

Today, it is all about the knitting guilt.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Knitting Black Hole

I am in the knitting black hole. You know, where everything you are working on is in the vague area of half-done. You knit and knit and knit on various projects, and can see no noticeable difference on any of them. Pomatomus, baby hat, Mom's ribbed socks, I have knit on all of them, and they look exactly the same.

My sweetie (though I am mad at him today, so use the term with some annoyance) and I are going camping this weekend. Ok, I can laze around outside as easily as around the house. Just make sure we have comfortable chairs. So this may be a good time to make some knitterly progress, without the pesky distractions of housework and laundry. I don't even have to think about which projects to bring. All of them, of course.

The only thing I have been finishing lately is the flannel receiving blankets. Four down, last one half finished.

Well, I am "finishing" on little Thumper too. Eight weeks til his cast off! We won't talk about how I currently resemble a hippo.

Today, it is all about the blackness.