Thursday, February 7, 2008

Return to Sock Club

Safely into the second energy-filled second trimester, I went to Sock Club last Saturday. My first knitting related event since I got pregnant. I sat for two hours and worked on my Pomotomus sock. It was delightful, even if I only knit about an inch. It felt like it took a while to get back into the swing of it.

And since then. . . I haven't knit a stitch. Sigh. I have pulled it out a couple times, but somehow never got around to actually knitting. This is like becoming a member of a gym, but never going there. The sock simply does not magically knit itself, no matter how many times I leave it under my pillow.

In baby news, my sweetie has been hard at work in the nursery. The ceiling and walls are painted, and last night, he was working hard on the new(er) carpeting. My father didn't have the nursery done by my due date (good thing I was two weeks late!), so my sweeties is very ahead of the game. He says he didn't want to risk putting it off til the last minute. I think he is just sick of all the baby stuff stacked in the living room. I don't want to say his mother is a little excited, but she started buying things for the baby in my first trimester. God bless grandmas.

Today, it is all about the nursery, er, I mean sock club.

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  1. Um, do we know what color (pink or blue) the nursery will be...?