Tuesday, February 12, 2008


And we have a nursery! Fresh paint, new(ish) carpet, and assembled crib and changing table. And since Sara asked in the comments, the nursery isn't "pink or blue" yet. My sweetie and I are currently in negotiationgs about whether we will find out the sex or not. The carpet is dark green, the car seat, stroller, high chair etc are sage green. The nursery has a unisex "celestial" theme, with suns and moons and stars, mostly in yellow with a little blue sky.

Obligatory knitting content: I have also been plugging away at Pomatomus. Now halfway through the second pattern repeat of the leg (there are three). I better finish this soon. People keep asking me what I am knitting for baby. Um, nothing, this is for me. See? Big person sock.

I obviously need to go stash diving soon and put something for baby on the needles.

Today, it is all about finished objects, even if they aren't knitted.

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  1. You must find out! Hubby be darned! I loved finding out and I have to say, I was able to enjoy the news a lot more at the ultrasound than I would have after the trauma, I mean fun, of labor :)

    Check out my blog to see the complete story of the arrival of our little Phoebe Grace!