Friday, July 29, 2016

I can't explain it

Something happened on Thursday that I still can't explain. There was a special trunk show at my LYS. Luxury hand dyed yarn. I blocked off that time on my court calendar weeks in advance. 

I cleared it with my sweetie that I would be buying yarn. He said that if I found a good deal, sure I could buy some. I told him if I saw something there, it would not be a good deal; it would be expensive, but something I would likely never see again. 

Thursday at lunch, I walked the half mile to the store. Open trunks overflowing with lovely luxury yarns. Merino with silk, with linen, with cashmere. CASHMERE. I had planned to buy one skein, to support the dyer and the store. 

I realized quickly that I would have to buy two, to have enough to make anything. I started narrowing down the colors. Then, it happened. 

I don't know if was the fumes from the wool. Or the excitement of the moment, or what. I walked out with four skeins of yarn. $150!  I have never spent $150 on yarn in my life. 

I wrote a check from my business account. Does that mean I can count it as a business expense? I knit between court hearing all the time. 

Please don't tell my husband. 

Today, it is all about the lack of explanation. 

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