Friday, August 29, 2014

In all fairness

My last post included why the most recent start up didn't count as a new start up.  Charity, fraternal twin, etc. 

So finishing it doesn't count as a finished object either.  Fair is fair.  It puts my number back down to 19, but it won't count as one on the 2 for 1 vow.  Not until all four scarves are done.  Two and a half completed.

Down to 19.  At Knittervention this past Monday, there was some discussion of our numbers.  Our numbers of works in progress.  It reminded me the single gal discussions with my bestie of the number of men each of us had slept with.  I won't reveal my number of THAT publically, but it is lower than my knitting number.

At Knittervention, some numbers are low, some were medium, mine was the highest.  I was the slut at the party.  The Knitting slut.  Rather dubious honor.

Today, it is all about the highest number.     


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