Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The charity exception

Last week, I wrote about a vow that I would absolutely, under no circumstances, start another project until I finished two. 

That is a great vow, except that last weekend, I started something new.  This does not violate the vow, and I will explain why.

First, it was a scarf that I will be donating to charity.

Second, it is the fraternal twin to a scarf (for charity) that is currently sitting on my desk at my office.  If that scarf had been home last weekend, I would have knit on it and this never would have happened.

Third, it was working towards another vow, that I had not yet publicly disclosed: stash reduction.  

I have a lot of yarn in the stash.  Mostly great yarns, and a few mediocre yarns.  Some of them have been languishing in the yarn cabinet for years, yearning to be knit, tempting me with ideas.  The yarns don't deserve to be neglected in this manner. 

And if I didn't already have enough, last Knittervention, this large bag full of yarn followed me home.  (Thanks Theresa!) 

I thought I showed admirable restraint.  There was a giant bag of yarn that was free to a good home, and I only came home with a large bag.  I have ideas for this yarn.  A couple of gifts, a blanket for charity, and a couple more dishclothes for the house (cuz who doesn't need a few more dishclothes at some point in the future.) 

The burgundy charity yarn was one of four (in purple and burgundy) that I received at the yarn store gift exchange last year, which I immediately decided to make into four scarves for charity. 

So, that is why that new scarf doesn't really count, even though it makes 20 projects that I have in progress right now. 

Today, it is all about the charitable exclusion. 

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