Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The 2 for 1 vow

19. Dishclothes. I have two or three in progress, but they are all identical, kept in various places, as emergency knitting.

I think that I have finally listed ALL of my WIP's. My knitting addiction has been stripped bare an exposed on the internet.  For all the world to see, or at least my three loyal readers.  And since the internet offers the protection of anonymity, I confessed my WIP's at Knittervention last night. Well, mostly confessed. I admitted that I had counted my projects, and it was in the double digits. That is close enough, right? This led to other's confessions, as well.  The highest number was five.  Amateurs!

So, it is definitely time for that 2 for 1 vow I made last week. I finish two projects, before I am allowed to start one. If I continue that vow, at some point, I will make measurable progress on reducing the number of things in progress. Not to zero, of course. That would be unrealistic, and a few different projects in progress is necessary. Challenging lace, portable socks, brainless something.   Several is good; 19 is excessive.

Next time: I will confess about the recent yarn acquisitions.

Today, it is all about the excess.

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