Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My new favorite day

Wednesdays are now my favorite day of the week.

My oldest has started classes. In my day, they were called CCD classes. Now I think they are "religious education".  I have been telling Bugaboo they are his communion classes.  Whatever the title, my oldest has started the path to become a Catholic.

The classes are a little over an hour. I dropped him off, then settled onto a little bench in the lovely green between the church and the school. (There used to be a street there, filed in decades ago, and now just grass and roses. )  And knit.  One hour and fifteen minutes of knitting, every Wednesday.

This is going to be a hardship: You don't have to worry about it, sweetie. I will take him to the classes every week.

Shhhhh.  Don't tell my sweetie I am getting 75 minutes every week of knitting time.  He might try to muck it up.

Charity scarf #3 and #4 are both half done.

Christmas knitting is quickly approaching. I have to finish two projects in time to start Christmas knitting.

Today, it is all about the new favorite day.

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