Thursday, September 25, 2014

Another one, that doesn't count

I finished another knit in progress, but it doesn't really count.  It was a placemat, which is really one of a set.  So I have permission to start the next placemat, but doesn't count towards the 2 for 1 vow.

It is already the end of September, and this year, I am not forgetting about the teacher gift knitting until a week before school ends, like last year. I really wanted to start the teacher gift by October. That is next week.  I need to finish something else by next week.  

This vow has had an interesting side effect.  Usually, I am more likely to work on the more recent projects, the ones with recent excitement and enthusiasm.  The older a project is, the more likely I am to feel like it is a chore.  But since older projects are more likely to be closer to completion, I have been digging to the bottom of the knitting bag lately.  In doing so, I have been re-discovering some love for these. 

Yes, Seafoam Stripes was started years before I learned how to make lace. But it is still a shawl. Still a pretty color. Simple in design, but still lovely. Not as striking as the later attempts, but still a warm  and snuggly shawl.  

Today, it is all about the snugglyness. 

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