Monday, September 29, 2014

The choice between two vows

I am holding true to the 2 for 1 vow.   I have mostly been concentrating on Seafoam Stripes, with a little of the hunting mittens thrown in when something more portable is desired. Seafoam Stripes is down to the last half skein. The shawl is around five feet long, but I have learned from the mistakes of shawls past. I am knitting til I run out of run OR six feet. There will not be another nine foot shawl in my future. Though, Theresa has maintained her magnanimous offer to take any shawls that are sized for a much taller woman.

I also have been remembering my vow not to procrastinate on the holiday gifts, and start no later than  October 1st.

Except that the day after tomorrow, unless I can magically finish something, I am about to see my two vows collide. Do I start the gifts, or wait until I finish something, anything.

Today, it is all about the conflicts.

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