Sunday, August 5, 2007

Back on track

I finished the toddler sweater. Had some yarn leftover, so I decided to make a hat. Then I was afraid that the hat was too big, so used the final bit of leftover yarn to make a second hat. And gave to the intended toddler the day after her birthday, when we next saw her parents. Everyone ooo'd and ahhh's appropriately, and it appeared that the sweater would be the perfect size for her around the time that it was cold enough to wear it. And I forgot to take a picture. My humble apologies. All permanent record of this adorable sweater set is lost forever. Mea cupla.

I am nearly finished with the gray shawl. Halfway through casting off the few thousand little stitches at the top. A nice stretchy and mindless bind off. I love the way that the yarn drapes and feels. Except. . . . .I screwed up. In my defense the directions mentioned the side border, and head a special section labeled "BORDER", which I thought was the same. Several other triangular shwal patterns I had looked at added the side border at the end, after the body section was complete. So, it was not completely unreasonable for me to think that is what the "border" section was, right? Well, it turned out that the notes for what to add on to the sides were mentioned in the notes of the directions, and the "Border" instructions only covered the top border. That left only one row of little loops instead of three. So I made the adjustment on the top to match the sides, and continued on. EXCEPT. . . . I forgot about the curling nature of stockinette. One row of the border may not be enough to flatten it out. This may block out, but as I have limited experience with blocking (Ok, none), I am not optomistic. The yarn is from Poland, so I have no idea what the content is. Time will tell, I guess, but it makes my first shawl attempt a lukewarm victory.

In other news, I am back on track with the Pomotomus sock. Not only have I worked past the little glitch, but I think I can now recognize an error as it happens and correct as I go. I am really loving this sock, even it it takes a tad more concentration than my previous socks.

My sweetie is out on the bike today. Hooters was hosting a parade of bikes and bikini contest. That sounded like a ride that would be better done with his buddy than with me. I am staying home and knitting. Don't worry dear, I will have dinner ready for you when you are finished gawking at silicon-filled bikinis.

Today it is all about the little victories.

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