Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Well-loved baby

You can always recognize a well-loved baby. They are surrounded by hand-crafted items. Everyone loves babies, and crafters just can't resist making something tiny and cute for any baby that touches their lives. My baby is truly blessed. Here he is, surrounded by aphgans, quilts, hats sweaters and booties, all knitted, crocheted or stitched with love.

He looks so tiny next to that stack. And confused. "Mom, what are you doing?" Cameras are still new to him. I am just glad that I caught his eyes open. He is such a wiggler, half of my pictures show him turning away from the camera.

And here is my scrap of knitted love for the little guy. One unfinished hat. On the plus side, I did find the missing DPN. I have even been knitting on it, having finally coming to the conclusion that storing yarn and needles in the same bag does not spontaneously produce knitted finished objects.

Just so my stack doesn't look so paltry, don't forget I also made a stack of hand-finished receiving blankets. I received several as gifts, as well, but they are in use or in the laundry, so did not get pictured. You can never have enough receiving blankets for a newborn.

Today, it is all about the knitted love.

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  1. When he outgrows them, you should buy some shadowboxes to put them in to display them in his room...better than sitting in a drawer! I am going to do that with my girls' coming home outfits.