Thursday, September 25, 2008

I've created a monster

I have been hard at work with new projects. Socks for the little guy. . . . .

Socks for me. (He looks less enthused knowing they aren't for him.)

And the sweater/hoodie for my sweetie. This is my mindless knitting. After the couple inches of ribbing, I knit in stockinette for over two feet. Round and round and round she goes. When she stops, no one knows. I feel like I will be knitting on this until the next ice age, but it is a direct request from my sweetie, so I don't mind. Mindless knitting definitely has its time and place. I like having something that I can pick up for two minutes.
But I may have created a monster with my sweetie's recent request. Last weekend, we went to the Indy Irish Fest. While drinking cider, listening to the music and examining the wares, I (of course) wanted to look at the knitted items booth. Not that I was going to buy anything. I just wanted to get ideas and see what they had. My sweetie saw some of the breathtaking hand-knit cable wool sweaters, and asked if I could make something like that for him. Well, I have not yet completed my first cabled knit, and wool is more expensive than the cheap hoodie yarn, but I don't see why not.
Then came the details: I like this cable, but not that one. Don't make it too small. Don't make the neck too tight. It won't be a V neck, will it? The designs on that sweater are too busy. I decided the safest route would be to make the little guy a prototype, so we could resolve all the design questions. Plus it would be cute for them to have matching sweaters.
Then I realized that I had just committed myself to knitting 2 cable sweaters. When will I have time to knit the 50 something items in my ravelry queue for myself?
Today, it is all about the sweaters.

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  1. Hi there, G! You are SO cute and you look SO much like your mommy!