Sunday, April 5, 2009


I love project milestones. Socks have several of them. Maybe it is because socks are so small (relatively speaking) to other knitting, but the milestones seems more special. Ribbing completed, ball bound yarn (the yarn that you wound around the ball band after a big clump of it came out the center when you were looking for the end to cast on) used, heel, foot, toe. Rinse and repeat.

I passed one of those milestones this weekend with my Twisted Tweed Socks. I finished the heel. First sock officially is half finished. It knit on this so much yesterday, I almost got tired of it. Not tired of knitting, just tired of this particular project for the day. I was actually wishing I had brought a second back-up project with me to the family gathering. (Birthday party for my sweetie's youngest neice, then family bonding/Wii time before dogs and brats, complete with an hour drive time either way. I love long drives when someone else is driving.)

Today, it is all about the progress.

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