Thursday, February 24, 2011

My next husband

When I was single and dating. I considered many things about the men that I was dating. I considered intelligence, sense of humor, physical attractiveness, and more. One attribute that I never thought about was physical size in case I wanted to knit for them some day.

I didn't know about the Curse of the Love Sweater yet, but I didn't knit for boyfriends. At least not after the scarf incident of 1999. (I knit one unworthy past boyfriend a manly blue scarf for his birthday, and he declined the gift. I had a "real gift" as well, as he so insultingly put it. A friend gleefully claimed the scarf for her husband, and I knit a matching scarf in purple for her. So the scarf wasn't punished in the end.)

So knitwear sizing just wasn't a consideration in my dating life. Now that I am knitting for a large husband, I realize the error of my ways. The Secret Wedding Socks were a large Size 11. The hoodie is a 2x. (He is really more of a large tall to extra large tall, but my sweetie likes a lot of ease in his clothes.) Even the hunting mittens are huge. If they were for me, I would be halfway finished with the second one.

Excuse me, I need to go work on an STILL unfinished thumb.

Today, it is all about the oversized.

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  1. Double stranded worsted on size 11's, lol.

    I had an ex with size 13 WIDE feet :( and I was stupid enough to make him handspun hand knit socks...and a sweater. Then we broke up.

    I'm knitting the current boyfriend a sweater vest, but he can't have it until I have a ring ;) But it won't be a total waste since I'll be writing the pattern up for it.