Friday, June 10, 2011

The Prodical Sock returns, with friends

I found my missing sock yesterday. I had stopped looking for it ages ago. I just got a rarely-used bag out of my car yesterday, and there it was hiding inside. I don't even remember when I would have put it in there, or why, but there it was. Oh, Twisted Tweed Sock, I don't care where you have been or what you have been doing, I am just happy to see you.

And you brought friends. My yarn from Knit Picks arrived. That is very reasonable turnaround time. I ordered it over the weekend, and received it the following Thursday. Although I personally believe that yarn companies should provide hourly updates as to shipping status, Knit Picks did an excellant job. Quality yarn at reasonable prices. I will definitely order from them again.

Which means that I can now start my Duchess Shawl, just in time for the Knit-along. I am using Kate Shopping Shawl pattern, by Wee Sandy. (And to think that I had been a little upset that I had forgotten my Merry Berry shawl at the office. I would be stuffing it out of sight this morning anyway!) I can't remember when I have been so excited about a project, probably because it is my first knit-along.

I was so excited I stayed up late (even though I was tired and knew the kids would be getting me up early) to wind one ball and start. The question remains if I had started a swatch or the shawl. The pattern calls for lace weight yarn on size 1 needles. (Insert shudder here about the large garment with small needles, but it really is necessary to have the proper drape.) I am using fingering, so started with size 2's (2.75mm, so the larger size 2), and it looks about right, for the quarter-sized that I have produced thus far, that is.

That could be a bit of denial, since I couldn't find my needle measuring thingie last night, and can't identify my circular sizes. (My husband gave me some sort of similar device -- I am not sure if it was out of a desire to help, or exasperation at the noise I was making tearing through my knitting supplies while he was trying to sleep -- but it is designed to measure in fractions of inches, not standard needle sizes or millimeters, so it was of limited help.) I ended up starting on straights, but my size 3 straights are currently in use, so it would be a bit of a bother to try going up one needle size. Once I establish the correct size, I will buy it on circular, since my shawl will outgrow the 14 inches straights. (Plus they have limited portability. I am not sure what security would say if I tried to bring them into the courthouse!)

I am trying not to let me project impatience over-rule common sense to taking care of these issues now. I want this shawl to look good when completed, and I don't want to waste time frogging and starting over since there is a deadline. I have three months to finish this bad boy.

Today, it is all about balancing of interests.

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