Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall into Shawl Weather

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest.  In our house, it is usually a day of laundry.  Fun activities on Saturday, housework on Sunday.  In between the darks and the reds, I can usually sneak in a few lines of knitting. 

Yesterday was no exception, and I have several more inches of Fuchsia edging to show for it.  9 inches down on the last long side completed.  Approximately 60 inches to go.  Usually, I delight in every pull from the skein. Not this time.  Now I knit with one eye watching each tug, fighting the urge to weigh the last two partial skeins.  This wouldn't tell me much, but it would be just one more way to obsess about whether or not I will have enough yarn.

What keeps me going is that we are officially entering Fall, which means shawl weather, and I am almost finished with a brand spanking new nearly-finished shawl that I am just itching to debut.

Today, it is all about the urges and itches.   


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