Thursday, October 10, 2013

A glimmer of hope

Another inch completed.  Not really closer to answering the the Great Yarn Question, but closer to the end. 

I may have located a lifeline, if it is needed.  The magic question is can I get more yarn.  I bought this yarn in 2005 in Krakow, Poland, so my usual assumption is "no".  But I have learned never to doubt the power of the internet.  I struck out on Ebay and Etsy, but found a possibility on Ravelry.  Someone has 31 yards left from a sweater she made, same yarn, same color (I think).  She has it listed as "not for sale" but that could be just because she never changed its status after using the rest of the skeins. 

After all, who would want to buy 31 yards of leftover yarn?

A desperate woman who needs only a few yards to finish a massive shawl, that's who!

Begging and pleading with her is is certainly a better idea than ripping out the whole bloody edge and re-working the pattern to make it just a few stitches smaller. 

Today, it is all about the hope. 

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