Wednesday, August 2, 2017

SHIPs, SIPs, and other WIPs

There were only two of us at Knittervention this week.  Quite the contrast from the large crowd we had last time.  Still, it was nice to chat with Sarah one on one. She had two finished shawls to show off, and I was working on the final foot of Celtic Sage. 

I don't know what put me in the mood for confessions (I only had the one Magners!), but I admitted that I had a LOT of things in progress.  Three SHIPs (shawls in progress), two SIPs (socks in progress), and other WIPs (works in progress.)  I admitted that my number was double digits, and she asked if the first number was "1" or "2".  The answer was "1", but I am not 100% certain of its accuracy.  I haven't been updating my list of WIPs lately, either adding new projects, or crossing off the finished ones.  (There may or may not have been any to cross off, but I am optimistic.)  There was no way I was going to admit to 20+ projects going, even if it was true.  Even by knitter standards, that is just crazy. 

I don't mind double digits, because some thing don't (or at least shouldn't) count.  Some things are multiple items.  For instance, I am making placemats for the kitchen.  I finished three before I noticed that my kitchen colors have been slowly changing, and started with new yarn (which I am actually loving a lot more than the old yarn), and the first one in the new yarn is well underway.    Fourth placemat in progress, and nothing crossed off. 

The Elegant Ensemble included ear band, mitts, and a scarf.  I can cross that off the list, unless I decide to do a hat as well. 

Dishcloths:  I love cotton knitted dishcloths, they just seem to work so much better than a traditional dishrag.  But they wear out, so I always have a couple stray balls of cotton and Size 7 needles around in case of emergency, and usually one in progress as well.  I need to have a regular supply.  Again, dishcloths completed, but nothing crossed off the list. 

There are also a few things are ready for the frogpond, and I just have to be in the mood to sit down and start ripping.  Pattern didn't match the yarn, not liking how it is turning out, that sort of things.

And one or two that have barely cast on.  If I haven't knit at least a few inches, it really shouldn't count. 

Hey, if I start subtracting all the things that shouldn't count, the list doesn't seem unreasonably long anymore. 

If am being perfectly honest with myself ,there are definitely things that have languished too long at the bottom of the basket.  We won't talk about those. 

Today, it is all about the long list. 

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