Friday, November 9, 2018

Knit Me a Rainbow

I have been hard at work knitting three sets of Teacher Mitts for my annual teacher Christmas present.  (Possible more than six mitts, update on that another day.)  Since I have completed 4 1/2 mitts by the beginning of November, I have felt secure enough to work on Prism.  (I know, famous last words that I will regret when I am binding off at 10pm the night before the last day of school for the year.)

I can't help myself.  I am enchanted.  And now that I am on the final decrease rows, I am anxious to finish.

The colors.  The colors!  Lion Brand really hit it out of the park on this line.  I have one finished and two projects in progress with the same yarn in different colorsways.  I made the mistake of passing through the yarn aisle at Walmart (of all places!) and saw some new colorways, and I had to run to the hunting department to resist temptation.  (There is nothing tempting in the hunting department, but that is where my favorite three men were to be found.)

I can't wait to sport my newest shawl creation.   Yesterday, it was so cold, I nearly threw it around my shoulders, needles and all.  Prism deserves a proper debut, so I put on my scarf and fingerless mitts instead.

Today, it is all about the anticipation.

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