Thursday, July 19, 2007

No pictures needed

No need to post new pictures today, as little visible progress would be detected.

The dove gray shawl looks exactly like it did earlier this week, except a little bigger. It is basically about the size of a hood. That is a lot of rows to go. The discouraging part is that each new row takes just a little longer than the one before it. Then there is that pesky work thing that just cuts into my knitting time.

No noticeable progress on the shed either, but that is not relaly my sweetie's fault. It hass been raining off and on the past couple days. Desperately needed for the lawn, but apparently they still haven't invented a power tool that can be safely operated in the rain. I think there is a whole neglected area of power tool invention, new opportunity for rainy day projects, but that isn't my department.

This makes me want to start a new pair of socks just to have something new to write about, but I remain steadfastly devoted to the gray shawl. I am just loving it's drape and feel, and am having blind faith in the powers of blocking, and can't wait to actually wear it on some crisp fall evening.

Today, it is all about the everlasting middle of the project.

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