Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Voila, my new project. I hesitate to call it "new" because I have been working on it for the past several weeks. The color is a light, heatherly mulberry color, in a thin, mohair blend. I had six balls of this, with six white balls languishing in my stash forever. Finally the right (I hope) project chose the yarn. I saw a dramatic long-tail shawl on Mason-Dixon knitting a few months ago, and it seemed to fit the bill.

I am halfway through the first ball now, and the shawl is large enough. . . .to cover my neck. 165 stitches wide already, so obviously, my yarn is much thinner than the originally intended yarn. Size isn't all that important for a shawl, as long as the relative proportions are preserved, right? Except. . . something is wrong. Is it supposed to be a large semi-circle. That isn't what the picture looks like. Am I doing something wrong? I am following the directions.

Ah-ha! Much better. Now the border part of th directions make more sense too.

My favorite model was awake this morning, so I tried having him model my knitting. "Tried" being the oprative word. This was so much easier when he just laid there.
Bugaboo, don't pull on Mommy's needles.

Can you show the knitting a little better?

Who could resist that smile?

Today, it is all about the model.

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