Friday, July 9, 2010

Technology vs. Fiber

The Contenders:

"In this corner. . . .weighing 12 pounds, consisting of tower, monitor, keyboard and mouse, five years in age and dressed all in black: Technology!"

In this corner. . . with an anticipated finished weight of 100 grams, consisting of two half-finished knitted pastel striped socks, four months in progress: Fiber!"

"Let's have a good clean competition. No rabbit or kidney punches. No clinches. Wait for the bell, and come out fighting."

My computer sometimes gets a a little sick. It just runs maddingly slow. I run too many different programs, and every click of the mouse has a lag time. Today, I was knitting while working. Click, knit half a row, click, knit, double click.

I could have just re-booted, which usuaally rights the problem, but, well, then I would have been able to justify knitting at work, right?

Today, it is all about the contenders.

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