Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Missing: One pair of socks

My Twisted Tweed Sock has gone missing. I know that I had it a week ago Monday, because I knit on it before my 1:45 hearing. After that, who knows. I have inquired at the various courtrooms that I frequent. Nothing. (Though, I assume that if court staff found knitting, they would assume that it is mine. Me and my knitting is not exactly unknown around the place.) I have searched the house and the office. Nada.

It is a cruel injustice to lose a sock when it is only a half inch from completing the pair. I hope that whoever finds it knits, so that they can finish the socks and enjoy them.

I will never knit again. . . . I will never knit socks again. . . . I will never knit THOSE socks again.

I will hold onto the slim chance that the socks are whereever the remote control spent two days hiding.

Today, it is all about the MIA.

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