Friday, May 13, 2011

Sock Hiatus

I haven't had the heart to knit on any socks lately. Why? It will just disappear, after all the work I put into it, and leave me feeling lost and forsaken.

Instead, I have picked up my Merry Berry shawl. Sort of. I decided that I didn't like the eyelets. I tinkered with the pattern a little, and started from scratch. I have made some decent progress. Still a lot to go, of course. I really should have used thicker yarn and bigger needles, but I think I will like the finished project.

The yarn is part mohair, so it has not been looking inviting in the 80 degree weather Indiana has been experiencing lately. If the weather doesn't change, I may have to break down and resort to a sock after all.

My sweetie reminded me about Knit Night this month, offering to watch the kids so I could go. When I got home, Doddlebug was tucked asleep in bed, but Bugaboo was sitting in the kitchen and looking guilty. The dishes were done, the kitchen was clean, the floors were vaccuumed. He was amazing. He definitely earned the two hours I spent knitting things for him. I am at the neck decreases for his sweater. Which means that I actually have to think a little, so not ideal for Knit Night. So I switched over to his hunting mittens.

Unfortanately, just when I have my sweetie trained, er, I mean willing to play Mommy for the evening, Knit Night is taking its summer break. Three months from now, I will have to start from scratch with him.

Today, it is all about the hiatuses. (Hiati?)

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